"Life is about MOMENTS" #baume&mercier

"Life is about MOMENTS" #baume&mercier

"Life is about MOMENTS" #baume&mercier

"Life is about MOMENTS" #baume&mercier

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A.k.a @nehpyh.

I swing, I jam, I lalala...Let me know if you wanna do a demo, I may jolly well talk you out of it!

1997 - First fell into something called 'Love'. Or was it abyss? Boy, was I a late boomer zzz...

1998 -Started jamming in Mandarin 'tea-houses' and pubs.

1999 - My hair grew copper and covered my ears. Won my first song-writing competition with a guitar and a blues harp I learnt for 2 weeks.

2001 - Sold my first commercial song. And then another song that also became Pepsi Cola Asia TVC jingle. After that, fate took over... ;p

2007 - World's first loyalty programme for public transport was created.

2009 - Became a slave and got myself a little black car.

2010 - Performed in Kenting, Taiwan. It was crazy.

Please dedicate my songs in KTV! ;p

Slave to my gadgets, guitars, toys, house, car, gastronomic delights, puppies, and impulses.

I take care of marketing for a company and when I'm not slaving for material wants, I'm a pet groomer - cum - Uncle Agony wannabe.

If you need to smoke, tell me. I'll help you to quit!

I offer metal-detecting service at affordable rates. You just have to be desperate enough! Dunno what metal-detecting is? Ask me!

Other free community services offered by me include free hugs, deluxe hugs, premium hugs, and breast tumour inspections! ;p

My latest addiction is long boarding so let's go skating someday :)

*Photos here are taken with a Canon G9, Apple iPhone 4S, Nokia N9, N8, C7 or Blackberry Bold 9700. By a lousy cameraman.

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